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Richard Cowen
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United Kingdom
This deviantArt page is intended as an online portfolio of my written work. It also features photographs, usually of painted miniatures; I tend to do a lot of roleplaying and wargaming in my free time.

Mostly though, I write. I'm currently working on a fantasy novel, itself based on an unpublished roleplaying game I developed a few years back. I also dabble in side-projects, such as helping run Aeon Horror's live-action roleplaying events ( or whatever freelance writing projects catch my eye.


Festus the Leechlord by RichardCowen
Festus the Leechlord
One of the most gruesome miniatures I've ever seen, it's Uncle Festus. I'll be running him as a psychic Herald of Nurgle in 40k.

This is an incredible model, with lots of detail on every facing. It was just so much fun to paint... and then I accidentally confused the satin varnish and the black spraypaint, and had to go back and paint his front side all over again...
Chaos Lord of Nurgle by RichardCowen
Chaos Lord of Nurgle
In 40k, this counts as a Herald of Nurgle in an army heavily focused on powerful characters, but it's the plastic Warhammer Nurgle Lord. For a plastic model, it's pretty nifty, with the detailing on the axe (lost a bit in blur on this picture) and the grotesque sores and stomach wound being the high (low?) points of detail.
Kharn the Betrayer by RichardCowen
Kharn the Betrayer
I've got the original metal version of Kharn somewhere, but it's lost beneath about three different paint schemes and I was never that keen on the pose anyway.

This is actually slightly converted from the Finecast version. I've swapped the head for the bare head option on Forgeworld's Lord Zhufor and repositioned both arms at the elbow for the pistol, and the wrist for the axe. Overall, it has a much more dynamic feel, I think, than the original.

The severed head is from one of the Chaos vehicle spikes. My berzerkers are differentiated from standard World Eater Marines by the trophies on their backpacks, so I added this on for consistency.
I finished Smog & Mirrors a few months ago, redrafted it, sent it out to proofreaders, revised it again, and now it's ready for sending out to agents.

This is... scary.

It shouldn't be though. Submission is just a couple of letters, a couple of synopses, tailored to each agency's requirements, plus the first three chapters or fifty pages or however much of the manuscript each one wants to see in the first instance. There's no valid reason why that should scary, other than that success or failure at this stage may well dictate the entire future course of my life.

Silly, really.

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